When you are on strike

When you are on strike you need to know

  • your rights
  • is there a picket to attend
  • are there other ways to help out
  • how to claim strike pay

Your rights

The Council knows what groups of workers are on strike—this is all dealt with centrally between the unions and senior management.

You do not have to let your manager know you are on strike. You can let them know that you will not be in work as a courtesy on the day, but there is no requirement. If a manager is pushing to find out who is striking contact a union rep immediately.

No one has the right to know which union you are a member of or whether you are a member of a union at all.

Read the Council’s guide to industrial action for details.


When you are on strike you should attend a picket. This won’t be for every day of the strike—we will co-ordinate with members.

We will have pickets at key locations, decided on through consultation with members.

We will publish picket locations on this website as soon as they are decided and communicate with members.

Read the guide to picketing for full details about what happens on the picket line.

How to help out

There are many ways to support a strike. You can

  • visit pickets to show support and bring refreshments
  • post your support or sharing posts from this website on social media
  • print posts from this website to share with colleagues
  • make placards, banners and flags for pickets and demos.

Strikes over pay aim to bring the Scottish Government to the table, as they control the funding for our pay. Contact your MSP to ask that they support the strike and demand funding for council workers is very helpful!

Claim strike pay

Read about strike pay.

There will be certain times to submit your strike pay claim.

We will be in touch to let you know when and how you will get and submit your strike pay form.