WhatsApp groups

We keep in touch with members directly using WhatsApp groups for specific groups of workers. Contact the group admin below to become part of the group.


Our WhatsApp groups are a quick and easy way for members to get updates and to overcome divisions in the workforce, so those that work different shifts or in different locations have a place to share information.

To ensure the groups work as intended, all posts must keep in line with trade union values: please do not post anything that can or could be seen as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or that may cause offence to any other protected group.

Be aware, joining the group means that all members of the group can see your phone number. If you have concerns about members of the group contacting you, you can block them. This only blocks them from contacting you personally, while you can still participate in the group.

Conduct on WhatsApp is covered by Unite’s harassment policy.