Waste and cleansing—changes to COVID arrangements

We recently met with management to discuss changes to working arrangements in Waste and Cleansing as a result of changes to Scottish Government guidance and restrictions being lifted. The message from senior management is clear—there will be no sudden changes, you will be informed in advanced and they will meet with the unions before anything changes.

We made clear that we were concerned with what we believe is a rushed removal of vital safety measures in the community and that ensuring workers safety is paramount.

Andy Williams summarised the Council’s current position:

I acknowledge that the Scottish Government are moving quite quickly in respect of removing restrictions however, as a service, we’ll take our lead Corporately rather than from Government announcements. I’m sure as a Council we are considering our position in respect of those recent announcements and would imagine we’ll start to see some Corporate direction in due course.

As and when those communications come out that start to influence existing ways of working we will seek to meet with you again and hopefully agree a timetable for transition between where we are now and whatever working arrangements might look like in the future.

To be absolutely clear a change will not be decided on a Friday and introduced on a Monday – we’ll look to do it in a controlled manner.

We are aware that this is not always the message coming from middle management. If you hear any messages that contradict the above, firstly, be assured that it is not the case. Secondly, contact us with

  • who said it
  • what they told you
  • how they communicated this

and we will investigate immediately.

How you can help

Read the current staff coronavirus guidance—updated today.

Changes in the workplace are there to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. It is important that we are all still doing what we can on a personal level

  • get vaccinated
  • wash your hands regularly
  • use hand santiser
  • wear a face covering when indoors in communal spaces, when you cannot stay at least one metre away from others and in crowded outdoor spaces. This is the current Scottish Government guidance on face coverings at work.
  • keep at least a one metre distance from others when you can
  • ensure all indoor spaces are well ventilated.

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