Unite rejects COSLA’s ‘derisory pay offer’

All unions reject the insulting initial offer and call for COSLA to demand funding from the Scottish Government

Last week, Unite met with COSLA to discuss the pay offer for 2022/23. The offer was

  • a minimum rate of £9.98
  • 2% increase on all spinal column points.

We agreed that going to the members with a consultative ballot on this insulting offer would be a waste of time. We are confident you would refuse such an offer, which is effectively a pay cut of around 6%.

We called on COSLA to consider

  • inflation at 7.8%
  • rising energy costs—an average of around £700 extra for the year
  • rising fuel prices
  • rising food costs—the fastest rise in 30 years
  • significant increase in National Insurance.

COSLA must demand funding from the Scottish Government to give local government workers a decent pay rise.

Get ballot ready!

We need to be able to get a mandate for industrial action if we are to stand a chance of getting a decent pay rise. The people that can most effectively put pressure on the government are YOU the members.

We need your correct

  • home address
  • workplace—not City of Edinburgh Council, but your workplace location. If working remotely, this should be your team’s physical base.
  • job title.

Call the office on 0131 556 9676 to update your details.

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