Training dates for 2018

The Unite Scotland training programme for 2018 is now online. The training courses offer the chance to

  • become a workplace rep — help your colleagues and make your workplace fairer
  • become health and safety rep — ensure that your bosses are doing what’s required to keep you safe from harm at work
  • learn some new skills for  the different roles in the union branch, such as union learning rep or equalities rep
  • get specialist knowledge in key areas, such as pensions and mental health.

Edinburgh course dates are below.

For reps starting out

All reps must complete certificates 1 and 2 — either for workplace reps or health and safety reps.

Time off work for trade union training is governed by the council’s agreement on time off and provision of facilities for trade union representatives (PDF). Key points from this policy, with references, are that

  • you should be trained within six months of being made a rep (7.1)
  • you are entitled to paid time off for training, ‘subject to the exigencies of the service’ (11.1)
  • new workplace reps are entitled to 14.4 hours away from work in one month to shadow a senior rep. (11.1)

To apply for a course

  1. contact the branch to confirm we have you down as a rep and have notified the Council of this
  2. check that you can be released from work for the course dates and have this confirmed by the head of service.

Some managers may want you to record your time off in myHR. Do this in the absence section under other absences. Select Paid time off then TU training from the list of reasons.

If you have difficulties getting time off, contact your rep or someone in the branch for advice. Remember, you are entitled to be trained for your union duties. This is backed by law and council policy. Any refusals—and any requests you make—must be ‘reasonable’.

Edinburgh courses

All Edinburgh courses below take place Monday to Friday in Unite Edinburgh office at 22 York Place.

Workplace reps certificate

  1. 29 January to 2 February or 27 to 31 August
  2. 19 to 23 March, 22 to 26 October or 5 to 9 November
  3. 14 to 18 May
  4. 11 to 15 September

Health and Safety

  1.  26 February to 2 March or  1 to 5 October
  2.  23 to 27 April or  29 October to 2 November
  3. 14 to 18 May
  4. 11 to 15 June

Other courses

Equality and Diversity runs from 3 to 7 September in Edinburgh.

Branch officials course runs from 28 May to 1 June and 12 to 16 November in Edinburgh.

In Glasgow, there are courses on

  • mental health awareness
  • pensions
  • union learning reps 1 and 2.

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