Teachers’ strike on 25 January

On Wednesday, teachers in the EIS and SSTA in Edinburgh are striking as part of their on-going dispute over pay.

If you work in a school it is vital that you read our page about your rights and what to do when others are on strike. In short:

  • you will not be disciplined if you refuse to cross a picket line
  • you will lose a day’s pay if you don’t go in to work
  • you do not need to inform your manager of your decision in advanced, but can give them a call on the day.

The recent treatment of school support staff on strike days has been sorely wanting, especially for staff with childcare needs. We continue to raise these issues with management—please get in touch to share you experience.

Solidarity with teachers

The Scottish Government and mainstream media are hellbent on setting worker against worker. We will not stand for any divide and rule tactics. Any attempts to set worker against worker must be met with greater solidarity.

We stand with all striking workers!

There will be pickets at most schools, so please drop by your local school in the morning to show solidarity.

Join the EIS rally

EIS are rallying on The Mound, at the Princes Street end beside the National Gallery, on Wednesday 25 January at 11am. We encourage all members that can to join the rally.

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