Take action to fight the COSLA living crisis

The COSLA Living Crisis—making the cost of living crisis hit council workers harder!

Within the next couple weeks, Unite are posting an industrial action ballot to all

  • waste and cleansing workers
  • staff in schools and early years—such as cleaners, janitors, pupil support assistants, early years practitioners etc.

If you work in either group, please ensure your job title, workplace and contact details are correct by checking MyUnite or calling the office on 0131 556 9676.

The pay offer

COSLA have dug their heels in with a 2% offer. Our pay claim is for £3,000 based on a 35 hour week, rather than the COSLA standard 37 hour week. Read the full pay claim.

Spreading the word

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy highlighting the pathetic pay offer COSLA have proposed for Council workers. COSLA are proposing that council workers accept a 2% pay rise, which, in the face of record levels of inflation, hitting 11% last week, is a massive pay cut.

This comes while services are understaffed and overworked, with technology and extra work being introduced to new jobs without recognition in job descriptions or grade.

Workers that drive their own car for work are being paid only 45p per mile—the same rate established in 2011!—while fuel costs have gone up by 28% on average in the last year; meaning that workers are paying more out their own pocket to simply do their job.

If you’d be interested helping us spread the word about the COSLA living crisis get in touch or comment below!

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