Jobs in Waste and Cleansing—the promise from the picket

Following campaigning from Unite, the Council is improving how it staffs Waste and Cleansing by

  • reducing the proportion of agency staff
  • improving the recruitment process for agency staff going for full-time jobs.

This is a significant result for the workforce in Waste and Cleansing.

The promise from the picket

During last year’s strike it came to light how many agency staff were in Waste and Cleansing across the Council. Our estimate put it at around 30-40%, with some areas being staffed almost entirely by agency staff.

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Vote now to fight against redundancies and privatisation

Have you voted yet?

On Monday we opened a consultative ballot for all our members across the City of Edinburgh Council to see if you would take action over the

  • loss of the ‘no compulsory redundancy’ pledge
  • threat of outsourcing and privatisation.

Both of these are potential consequences of the Lib Dem budget that was passed by the Council on 23 February. Read our post on the budget for details.

This is a consultative ballot to check if members would take action. This is not an industrial action ballot, which would lead to action. Read about different ballots.

We need to show that we will not sit back and accept cuts to jobs and services, so vote as soon as you receive your ballot. The ballot closes on 2 April.

How you receive your ballot


If we have an email on file for you, you will receive this by email.

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