Donate to the foodbank to help those in need at Christmas

Unite Community is having a day of action against Universal Credit. Alongside this campaign we are collecting donations for the Trussell Trust’s foodbanks in Waverley Court courtyard on Tuesday 5 December from midday to 2pm.

Unite members can also donate at the Unite Edinburgh office at 22 York Place up until Friday 8 December at 3pm.

Read what you can donate below.

The Trussell Trust is the number one provider of foodbanks in the UK. In 2016/17 they provided emergency food supplies to over 1 million people in the UK from over 400 foodbank centres.

Universal Credit background

Universal Credit (UC) is being rolled out in Scotland now. With UC, people are waiting a minimum of 6 weeks for any money. Evidence from Citizens Advice Bureau in initial roll-out areas in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK shows that Universal Credit risks having many people

  • without the support they need
  • forced into debt
  • unable to make ends meet
  • evicted, as they cannot pay rent.
  • without money to put food on the table.

Donate to the foodbank with Unite

Across the UK, year on year, the use of foodbanks is increasing. Foodbanks have reported that their stock is low; this has a massive impact on those who will need to use these food banks during their long wait for their Universal Credit.

We know it’s Christmas and everyone has a long list of things to buy but we are asking you to make a small donation to support those who will have nothing this Christmas.

Items you can donate include

  • jars of plain pasta sauce — not pasta bake, lasagne or curried sauce.
  • tinned mince, stew or chicken in white sauce
  • UHT milk — blue or green, not red
  • Fruit juice — long life
  • tinned potatoes, corn, carrots and peas
  • tinned rice pudding or custard
  • tinned fruit
  • Christmas treats, such as selection boxes or chocolate coins
  • dry pasta and rice
  • cereal
  • sanitary products, such as tampons and sanitary towels
  • toiletries, such as deodorant and soup
  • baby products, such as nappies, wipes, food and milk.

You can also donate cash.