Street Cleansing move to Seafield Depot

Street Cleansing workers from the Cowan’s Close and Craigmillar depots are moving to the Seafield depot by the end of the month. This has been a long process, during which members have raised numerous concerns about the new facilities and the arrangements for the move.

We have had successes in addressing concerns raised in November, yet some items remain under discussion

Below, we’ll outline the issues members have raised and the progress on them If there’s something noted as resolved that you believe is not, contact a rep in Waste and Cleansing.

We will conduct regular site inspections and continue to engage with members as they settle in to the new depot.


Cleaning and filling vehicles

Members raised concerns about the lack of facilities for cleaning vehicles and filling Hakos. Unite raised this and we now have assurance that there will be:

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Waste and cleansing—changes to COVID arrangements

We recently met with management to discuss changes to working arrangements in Waste and Cleansing as a result of changes to Scottish Government guidance and restrictions being lifted. The message from senior management is clear—there will be no sudden changes, you will be informed in advanced and they will meet with the unions before anything changes.

We made clear that we were concerned with what we believe is a rushed removal of vital safety measures in the community and that ensuring workers safety is paramount.

Andy Williams summarised the Council’s current position:

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Protecting the workforce—Unite face coverings

Unite: committed to the physical and mental health of workers

We are committed to ensuring that the mental and physical wellbeing of workers is a priority. Public transport and shops in Scotland now require you to wear a face coverings, so we have stepped up to provide face coverings for frontline workers in the City of Edinburgh Council.

We are commitment to doing all that we can to ensure that all working environments are safe for our members.

Craig Cummings, branch convener, talks us through the face covering debate below.

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