New edition of the Scottish Left Review

The 101st edition of Scottish Left Review (SLR) was recently published and you can read it online. Inside there are interesting articles on

  • Scottish economic reform and worker-owned business by Richard Leonard MSP, Unite’s favoured candidate for the Scottish Labour leadership
  • the opportunities for Britain to enshrine worker rights and forge new European alliances with Brexit by Neil Findlay MSP
  • how to organise effectively in the face of the Trade Union Act 2016 by UNISON’s Stephen Smellie.

Read these articles and more in latest SLR.

Magazine and book borrowing

If you prefer a paper copy of the SLR, get in touch to see if we have one to borrow. There are a number of magazines to which members have subscriptions that they are happy to share with Unite comrades.

Other magazines to borrow include Socialist Review and Strike! There are also a range of books that may be of interest, including

  • Nick Srnicek and Alex William’s excellent manifesto for a post-work world and analysis of the rise of neo-liberal capitalism Post-Capitalism and a World Without Work
  • Jane McAlevey’s account of her decade as a trade union organiser, Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell)
  • Razmig Keucheyan’s essential overview of modern anti-capitalist thought The Left Hemisphere. 

To find out what else is available – or to lend your own to the branch lending library – contact Graeme Smith. For more learning opportunities, contact our Learning Rep Amanda Cunningham.