Covid-19: Waste Services update

Social distancing, PPE and safety for waste collection workers

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The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis is having a huge impact in every corner of society at present.

Those who work in Edinburgh Council’s Waste Services have been categorised by the Council as Key or Essential Workers. This is the same as workers in Waste Collection in all Scottish Councils.

Although Waste Collection workers are required to attend at work, so long as you are healthy and do not require to be off for any of the reasons outlined by the government, you have a right to have your health and safety at work safeguarded by your employer.

The Branch had been receiving numerous reports from members in Waste Services who were deeply concerned about current safety practices in Waste Services. As a result the Branch undertook to speak to as many people employed in Waste Services as possible so as to get a full and accurate picture to take back to Council management.

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