Day in the life of a janitor—local authority newsletter

The local authority newsletter is focusing on jobs across local authorities to show how valuable our public sector workers are and the hard work they put in under difficult conditions and often low pay.

Today our focus is on Rab (not his real name) who works for the City of Edinburgh Council as a janitor. Rab has worked for the council for over 15 years. He works 25 hours a week and his weekly earnings are a mere £240—nearly half of the UK’s average wage (£31,830).

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Key workers are key—local authority newsletter

Unite continues to press the Scottish Government to do the right thing by the key workers who are

  • keeping this country operating
  • caring for our loved ones
  • taking away our refuse
  • supporting our kids at school.

Sign the STUC’s Time 2 Pay Workers petition to help the cause.

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Pay update – low paid workers

Wendy Dunsmore, Regional Industrial Officer, brings us an update on the pay deal.

Many members have now received the 2018/19 pay rises which were imposed upon them in this month’s pay slips. From many Unite’s members’ point of view, the increases are underwhelming.

Some low paid staff ‘enjoyed’ a pay rise in the summer of 2018 as their actual pay dipped ashamedly below the Scottish Local Government Living Wage. This took them to the recognised poverty line of £8.75 per hour. And if that position was not disgraceful enough, the councils have now calculated their recent pay rise on the below Living Wage figure, resulting in some workers are now receiving back pay for the whole of 2018 of only £30!

Unite members will remember that one of the main reasons you rejected the pay increase was because it did not address low pay and this absolutely confirms your decision to vote to reject.

Unite continues to push for talks on pay to be reopened following the teachers’ recent pay rise which is 2.5% higher than local government and we will keep you posted of developments.