New rep training dates

Unite Scotland have released the education programme for 2021/22 with dates for training for reps and those looking to become reps. Courses running in Edinburgh are below for quick reference.

Become a rep

If you are interested in becoming a rep, contact one of our branch officers to chat about what’s involved, the support available and the opportunities on offer.

Edinburgh courses for 2021/22

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Training for reps 2021

Interested in becoming a rep? It’s an exciting time to become active in a trade union, as we work to create a fairer society that values the workers that have shown how essential they really are.

Unite have workplace reps 1 courses starting on

  • 8 March
  • 15 March
  • 17 May
  • 31 May

TUC have a workplace reps 1 course starting on 29 March.

Download the list of Unite rep courses for this year and apply for the course on the Unite website.

See all TUC rep courses.

Training for reps from the TUC 2021

The TUC dates for rep training are online, with the next course for new reps starting on Monday 12 January—and another starting Monday 19 January. The courses are listed for Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow, but they are delivered online, so you can attend any.

To become a rep you need to attend union reps 1 and 2 training—this can be from Unite, ideally, or from the TUC. We’ll publish the Unite training dates as soon as we know them.

You are entitled to paid time off to attend under the facilities agreement.