Get a pension estimate with a Certificate of Protection

If your pay was impacted by Modernising Pay, then you may have a Certificate of Protection (CoP) for your pension. This ensures that your highest salary is used in calculating your pension.

These Certificates of Protection last 10 years, therefore if you are soon to take your pension you should get an estimate of how much you would get with and without the certificate as soon as possible, so you can make an informed decision on your retirement.

Get your estimates

To get an estimate of your pension with the CoP raise a request through askHR. You can do this online if you have access or via 0131 469 5555 during business hours.

You must raise the request through the Council, not Lothian Pension Fund, as the Council hold your CoP, not the pension fund.

To get a standard estimate of your pension, log in to LPF My Pension Online and go to Benefit Projectors/Calculators to use the online tool to get a projection.

Advice on your pension

Call 0800 085 8590 or email and to book an appointment with the free financial advisor, provided through Unite Member Services.

Housing Property—make your voice heard

Work in Housing Property? Take our survey

We are looking to understand the views of workers in Housing Property. The service has undergone significant changes in recent years, with impacts on terms and conditions and how work is organised. We want to know what you think of the arrangements and what you would like to see done better—and how it could be done better.

The survey is open to all workers in Housing Property, members and non-members.

Take the Housing Property survey

Current work in Housing Property


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Budget Day demo—united in our call to invest in Council workers and jobs

On Thursday, we braved the chill and snow to demonstrate outside the City Chambers in solidarity with fellow trade unionists, activists and concerned citizens as the Council met to approve next year’s budget.

Read the budget papers and watch a webcast of the budget meeting, which includes the full deputations summarised below.

The Council have delivered a balanced budget for 2022/23, thanks to an underspend in 2021/22 and a 3% Council Tax rise, however the forecast for the years following looks bleak, with a gap in 2023/24 of around £55m with this gap increasing around £25m each year thereafter. The Council have said there must be a ‘robust savings plan’—which we know by now, translates to more cuts.

The demonstrators sought to raise awareness of the impact of cuts and call for measures to tackle the crises we face today that will be worsened by further cuts and by failing to change how the Council delivers services. We need a shake up and we need it now.

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