Craft pay award agreed

Craft pay award to be paid 22 December—talks on allowances on-going

Pay talks between COSLA and the unions representing craft workers have now concluded, with the pay award being agreed.

The deal is the same as that for local government employees and will be paid on 22 December, including backpay. Your holiday allowances will be updated with the extra leave at the end of the year.

For clarity: all Council workers are local government employees and have been since 2013. The aspect from the craft national terms you keep is around the tool allowance and overalls allowance.

Talks on the allowances are on-going—we will update here once details are available.

Craft apprentices are fully aligned to the craft national terms and conditions.

Apprentices pay

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Housing Property—make your voice heard

Work in Housing Property? Take our survey

We are looking to understand the views of workers in Housing Property. The service has undergone significant changes in recent years, with impacts on terms and conditions and how work is organised. We want to know what you think of the arrangements and what you would like to see done better—and how it could be done better.

The survey is open to all workers in Housing Property, members and non-members.

Take the Housing Property survey

Current work in Housing Property


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Unite craft members reject COSLA pay offer

Unite the union has today confirmed that its local government craft membership has voted to reject the COSLA pay offer by 69%. Of those that rejected the offer, 90% voted for industrial action.

The craft agreement covers trades persons including

  • joiners
  • labourers
  • painters
  • electricians.

The craft membership will meet with Unite’s local government membership, who also voted to reject, to coordinate the next steps in the escalating pay dispute.

John Gillespie, the chair of Unite Scotland’s Construction Committee said

The emphatic result by our craft membership to reject the pay offer and also give clear support for industrial action must surely result in COSLA swiftly coming back to the negotiating table with a new offer. If they don’t, then Unite’s craft and local government membership will be moving forward to coordinate joint action. Ultimately, if this is not resolved by COSLA then it will mean widespread disruption across Scotland.

Steven Dillon, Unite Regional Co-ordinating Officer said

I fully support the mandate from our craft membership as our workers and their families have suffered pay freezes and real terms cuts for far too long. Workers are not taking the decision lightly to move towards industrial action but the derisory offer by COSLA have left them with no choice but defend themselves and their families.