Living wage consolidation—local authority newsletter

Following the implementation of the 2018-21 pay deal in 2019, Unite, along with our sister unions, has been working with COSLA to develop a set of principles to ensure the full consolidation of the Scottish Government Living Wage.

These talks have been, at times, challenging, however Unite has persisted.

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Annual leave: agreed COSLA guidance and CEC’s position

Read our analysis of the Council’s current position on annual leave in light of COSLA guidance and legislative changes

Photo above by Viko Mozara, courtesy of unsplash

The coronavirus situation has caused several concerns around annual leave to be raised. Some of the main concerns are:

  • when to take annual leave
  • carrying forward annual leave to following years
  • using annual leave for wellbeing purposes
  • lack of flexibility over annual leave booked prior to lockdown
  • stress caused by lockdown.

Edinburgh Council’s guidance

The council’s current guidance, covering permanent employees, says that you should take annual leave during the current annual leave year unless there are “operational reasons” precluding this. Employees unable to take annual leave as normal may be permitted to carry forward a maximum of 10 days into leave year 2020/2021 only in “exceptional circumstances” and where essential services demands permit.

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Covid-19: Unions’ letter to the First Minister

Today (1 April), Unite and the other Scottish Joint Council (SJC) trade unions—Unison and GMB—sent a letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the response to the coronavirus.

The letter calls for the Scottish Government to address issues around

  • co-ordination from COSLA for a national response to the pandemic
  • clarity on who is a key worker
  • a national agreement on arrangements for waste collection
  • workers’ ability to comply with social distancing
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • mental health support for local government workers.

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