Climate crisis demo on Saturday 12 November

World leaders are not acting fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change and they won’t move unless pushed. So please get on the streets this Saturday 12 November at 12 midday at St. Andrew’s Square to demand change as part of the COP27: Global Day of Action.

The day promises to be a fantastic mix of street art, theatre, music and protest.

The Edinburgh route will highlight key crises, for example at the assembly point in St Andrews Square there will be a huge set of “scales of justice” to highlight the unfair treatment of the developing world and the need for Loss and Damage payments to them. There will also be the “Red Rebels” street theatre, music and collections for Pakistan flood relief.

Other locations en-route feature

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Unite reps march for a green future at COP26

This weekend Unite reps joined hundreds of thousands of other trade unionists, activists and citizens to demonstrate at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

Your branch was represented by reps braving the wet conditions to stand in solidarity and demand that the gathering world leaders take heed of the messages from the crowd and act now to stop climate change and protect life on our planet.

Gillian Foy, workplace rep, said

The Day of Action in Glasgow was a genuinely uplifting event. Despite the terrible weather, 100,000 people came came together to make common cause on the issue of climate justice, with similar events taking place worldwide. 

It was brilliant to meet Unite members from different branches in Scotland as well as other trade unionists, and to march alongside a wide range of groups and individuals. 

The diversity of participants and speakers was really inspiring and I think it’s vital that Unite continues to be active around environmental issues. 

Climate and sustainability in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Council’s approach to the climate crisis is due to be published in the 2030 Climate Strategy on 30 November 2021, as discussed at a recent Policy and Sustainability Committee. The draft strategy outlines 7 priorities:

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