Scottish Government “thank you” £500 payment

As we are all aware the Scottish Government decided that most Local Government workers are not worthy of a “thank you”. To our knowledge nobody in the Scottish Government, even cabinet secretary for Communities and Local Government Aileen Campbell, has ever uttered those words in respect of the efforts of Local Government workers during the pandemic.

The Scottish Government’s £500 “thank you” payment is being made today (April 28 2021) to those City of Edinburgh Council workers our HR have interpreted as eligible under the Scottish Government’s guidance, who would also have received a letter about this payment from HR at the beginning of April. Those not receiving the payment have right of appeal (decision review) and Unite is supporting that right. We advise everyone to check the Scottish Government website for information on this subject. Please see below details of process:

Stage 1

  • Request, in writing (see attached template letter), the £500 from HR, City of Edinburgh Council, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG
  • Keep copies of all communications sent and received
  • Contact a rep when you receive a communication that is either an acceptance or rejection (an acknowledgement of receipt of communication should be kept but is neither acceptance nor rejection)

Stage 2

  • If you receive a rejection notice from HR complete the Scottish Government’s £500 Thankyou payment – Decision review request form template (see attached template) and send to: with a copy of the rejection communication from HR 
  • Keep your own copies and ensure that the branch has a copy
  • Discuss this with a rep
  • Make sure you let us know your name, department and job title

Stage 3

  • If unsuccessful in the decision review process through the Scottish Government there is a further appeals’ procedure involving an ombudsperson
  • Contact a rep if you wish to continue this process