Support for suspended Councillor

Edinburgh Labour recently suspended Councillor Gordon Munro, longest serving of our three Leith Ward councillors, for three months. This punishment was issued for the perceived delinquency of disobeying orders to vote for the coalition budget motion in February 2021 when, instead Councillor Munro abstained from the vote. His reasons for abstaining: that the coalition budget did not serve the people of Leith (where some of the most acute deprivation in Scotland exists) nor Edinburgh properly.

Whilst it is recognised that other parties’ budgets may have proven even more detrimental to Leith and Edinburgh it must also be recognised that Councillor Munro is a long standing campaigner against cuts, a lifelong supporter of workers’ rights (particularly City of Edinburgh council workers) and a consistent and persistent advocate for those in his ward and beyond who suffer the pains of poverty. It is in this context that we ask Edinburgh Labour to rescind or commute this sentence to enable this councillor to do what the role demands of him.

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2 thoughts on “Support for suspended Councillor”

  1. Dear Councillor Munro,

    I wish to express my solidarity with you regarding your decision to abstain from voting for the coalition budget motion in February 2021. As an active supporter of the campaign Another Edinburgh Is Possible, and an unemployed Unite member, I applaud your principled stand, and hope that you are able to continue your work as an elected representative of the people of Leith Ward as soon as possible.

    Many thanks for your efforts to defend working people and all members of our community, and very best wishes,

    Leslie Cunningham

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