Strike pay sessions

Your branch reps will be at the waste depots over the next few days to complete and collect in strike pay forms for all workers that were on strike 18 to 29 August.

Electronic payslips will go out on Thursday 22 September, with paper pay slips following.

New dates – second wave


Friday 7 October 11am to 2pm


Wednesday 12 October 12 to 7pm.

What you need to do

Come to any session—doesn’t matter whether it’s your shift or depot, whatever is easiest for you.

You need to have your

  • bank details
  • Council staff number—will be on your payslip
  • Unite membership number—if you don’t have this leave blank and the office will fill it in
  • National Insurance number
  • printed out payslips from August and September.

In the big depots we can print out payslips on site if needed, speak to the rep there to arrange this, but we’ll be able to process everything quicker if you come with your payslips printed.

Dates and times

Friday 23 September 11am to 5pm
Monday 26 September 11am to 7pm

Thursday 22 September 11am to 5pm
Tuesday 27 September 11am to 5pm

As the paper slips won’t be ready for the 22nd, we’ll do another date on the blue shift the week beginning 3 October.

Friday 23 September 11am to 4pm
Monday 26 September 11am to 4pm

Cowan’s Close
Friday 23 September 11am to 2pm
Tuesday 27 September 11am to 2pm

Burgess Road
Thursday 22 September 5:30am
Monday 26 September 5:30am

Russell Road
Friday 23 September 11am to 2pm
Tuesday 27 September 11am to 2pm

Questions and answers

Add any other questions at the bottom of the page so we can answer them here.

Who can claim strike pay?

Unite members, employed by the Council—full timers—in Waste and Cleansing who were on strike can claim £70 a day for each day they were on strike.

You cannot claim strike pay for your rest days, annual leave or sick days during the strike.

Do I have to have been on the picket to get strike pay?

No, you get strike pay for the days you were on strike.

What about agency staff?

Unite members in the agency were not officially on strike, so cannot claim strike pay.

We hugely appreciate all agency staff that stood in solidarity with the full timers. This solidarity and strength among the workforce will help with coming campaigns to support agency staff.

We are collecting a strike fund to ensure no worker suffers financial hardship as a result of any aspect of this dispute and as a result of our member’s principled stance to be absent from work and unpaid during periods of strike action. You can donate to the strike fund online.

We will be in touch with agency staff in mid-October about this.

If any Unite member suffers hardship, they can apply to Unite’s benevolent fund online.

When will I get my strike pay?

Unite are aiming to pay out strike pay within 14 days of receiving the form.

The more forms we can submit in one batch from these sessions the quicker we can process them, so please try and get along to one of the above sessions.

Can I submit my claim electronically?

No. For ease of processing, so we can get the money to strikers as fast as possible, Unite are looking for paper applications.

What’s happening with the pay deal and strike?

The strike is suspended while all Unite local government branches across Scotland ballot their members on the deal. The results should be in on 29 September when we’ll know whether the deal is accepted or rejected. We will be in touch with the next steps then.

Read details of the current offer and how to update your details to receive communications.

I can’t make any of the sessions, how do I submit my claim?


Is the strike pay taxed?


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