Sharon Graham for General Secretary!

We’re proud to nominate Sharon Graham for Unite General Secretary

At tonight’s branch meeting we decided on who our branch nominate as the next Unite the Union General Secretary.

We invites all candidates to the meeting and were joined by Howard Beckett, Steve Turner and Sharon Graham. We heard excellent, impassioned speeches from all, with ambitious proposals and plans for matters such as protecting public sector jobs, uniting the union in the face of factions and divisions, responding to the changing nature of work, making a just transition to green energy and how to take on big employers and win.

The branch voted for Sharon.

Reps supported Sharon’s

  • tactical approach to taking on big employers
  • focus on the workplace and empowering reps with the resources they need to make a difference
  • ideas around breaking down divisions and bringing reps together to create a union structure that’s fit to tackle modern challenges.

Watch Sharon’s video and read about what happens next below.

What’s next?

Ballot papers will be posted to all Unite members from the beginning of the ballot period on 5 July 2021.

Voting is open until 22 August 2021. We encourage all members to have their say in who will be the next General Secretary. We encourage you to speak to your rep about this if you’d like more information. And finally, we encourage you to vote Sharon!

Make sure your details so you can receive your ballot—check on MyUnite or call the office on 0131 556 9676.

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