New pay offer: strikes suspended, ballot open til 28 September

COSLA tables new offer following First Minister talks

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Following a long series of negotiations, including talks with the First Minister, a new pay offer has been put to the unions. Unite, Unison and GMB have all decided to take the deal to their members to vote on.

While the consultative ballot is carried out, planned strike action is suspended.

Unite have recommended members accept this offer, on the basis that it is the best available through the current negotiations, as the Scottish Government has tabled it as a ‘best and final’ offer.

We recommend members consider this carefully, understand how it applies to them and think abut what action beyond this offer might look like and vote accordingly.

The offer

  • £2,000 rise for those on £20,050 and less.
  • £1,925 rise for those on less than £39,500.
  • 5% rise for those on over £39,500 capped at £3,000.
  • An extra day annual leave.
  • 5% increase on all allowances, including first aid payment.
  • Removal of SSSC registration fees.

Download the full offer from COSLA (PDF)

The strike action by our members in Waste and Cleansing shamed the Scottish Government to bring the First Minister to the table. Thanks to their valiant efforts and sacrifices, they have won an additional £600m from the Scottish Government to fund the pay of all local government workers’. This offer would give each Edinburgh Council employee an average £1,444 more than they would’ve received without the strike.

A huge thanks to our members in Waste and Cleansing for their action to get us to where we are now in the pay talks.

Donate to the strike fund to support those affected by the dispute.

What the offer means in Edinburgh

Grades 1 to 3 would see an increase of 10% and over.

Middle of

  • grade 4 – 9%
  • grade 5 – 7.7%
  • grade 6 -6.5%.

Download our pay deal spreadsheet (XLSX) to see rough calculations of how the deal would apply to each spinal column point.

Get your vote in

The consultative ballot opened on Friday 9 September.

The ballot is by

  • email
  • text message, if you haven’t given us an email
  • post, if you haven’t given us an email or mobile number

Call the office on 0131 556 9676 if you have not received your ballot.

The ballot closes on 28 September.

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