Race Equality Week is 7 to 13 February

This year, from 7 to 13 February, we celebrate the second Race Equality Week. The week is a UK-wide event by Race Equality Matters, a group founded following the Black Lives Matter movement, that challenges organisations to seriously address issues of race in the workplace.

Learn about Race Equality Week.

See how the Council is marking the week on Newsbeat.

What you can do to fight for racial equality in the Council

1. Get involved in your branch.

Unite is dedicated to the fight for racial equality and against all forms of discrimination. All branches have a dedicate Equalities Officer that works to promote equality and inclusion in the workplace and community.

The branch elections take place in March. You can nominate a colleague—or yourself—to become the Equalities Officer. You also have the chance to become a workplace rep to help your colleagues in the workplace. We also have a growing network of activist members who report back to the branch and help promote the work of the branch.

There’s paid time away from work for the Equalities Officer and all workplace reps, as well as accredited training and on-going training and support.

You don’t necessarily have to take up a role in the branch, you can have your say by getting in touch with you rep or join the branch meetings.

Contact the branch secretary or convener to discuss:

2. Become part of A colleague network

The Council has ‘colleague networks’ for staff with protected characteristics and those that want to promote their cause. These provide peer support and a forum to discuss particular issues. The networks feed in to the Diversity and Inclusion Forum, which includes a councillor from each party, the trade unions and HR.

To work to promote racial equality, you may become a member of the

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network

This is open for all employees who have an interest in promoting race equality anti-racism.

Email bame.network@edinburgh.gov.uk to get involved and find out more.

Black and Minority Ethnic Workers Forum is open to staff

  • from Children’s Services and Adults’ Services from all minority ethnic groups
  • who may be affected by racial discrimination
  • with knowledge, interest or professional roles in equalities issues.

Email debbie.raychoudhury@edinburgh.gov.uk to get involved and find out more.

Other equalities networks include:

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