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By 1 May all Unite members will receive a ballot paper to vote on our political fund. This fund is vital to the union’s political campaigning work to improve pay and conditions for workers. This is not the Labour Party affiliation, but for the political work of the union.


Unions are forced to ballot on whether they have a political fund every ten years, under the Tory’s anti trade union laws.

Please watch the video and read the important message below from Sharon Graham, our general secretary, on the political fund.

Read more about the political fund.

It is now more important than ever for us to win a big yes vote to keep our Political Fund.

Hostile governments have always tried to make it harder for unions to have our say on the political decisions that affect workers and our communities.

One way they have done this is with laws that mean any activity that might be deemed ‘political’ has to be paid for with money from a separate Political Fund.

These laws mean we can only campaign to change political decisions that are hurting our members if we have a Political Fund.

This is now more important than ever. Whether it’s Westminster government failing to come to the table in NHS talks and spreading lies about our members, cutting our services and refusing to invest in our vital infrastructure, skills and industries or attacking workers’ rights, it’s clear we cannot rely on politicians to deliver for us – we have to take the lead.

For example, since I was elected we have been using our Political Fund to start building union power in our communities, campaigning on issues like the NHS, food poverty, pensions and the cost of living.

Not relying on politicians of any party to lead on these issues – doing it ourselves as a union. But this could now be at risk.

Since the 1980’s all unions have had to conduct a postal ballot every 10 years on whether they can still have a Political Fund. For us, that time has now come again. Unite members have always voted yes to keep the fund. But of course, many politicians who want our union silenced are hoping for a different result this time. So we must now disappoint them.

We must oppose this attempt to silence us and vote yes to keep the fund. I believe it’s vital that we can continue to have our own voice on key issues.

This is why we need you. Unite has really fantastic members. Your passion, dedication and commitment make you our greatest asset.

We cannot win this ballot without your support, and this guide is designed to give you the tools to help us succeed together.

So take it forward and urge all members to vote yes because a yes from us means we can continue to deliver on the issues that matter to you and put our money where our mouth is.

Vote yes as we fight to protect jobs, pay and conditions.

In solidarity

Sharon Graham, General Secretary

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