Pledge for Public Services

In April 2023, the Joint Trade Unions of Edinburgh Council (Unite, Unison and GMB) launched the Pledge for Public Services campaign to protect council jobs and services. The campaign follows the Council’s disasterous budget for 2023/24, which jeopardises the ‘no compulsory redundancy’ pledge and introduces ‘best value’ reviews, which could lead to further privatisation of services and loss of council jobs.

The campaign asks councillors to sign a pledge to commit the demands of the joint trade unions to undo the wrongs of the budget and show their commitment to public services.

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Our demands

  1. Keep the ‘no compulsory redundancy’ pledge
  2. Bring public services in to public ownership
  3. Demand funding for local government

How you can help

Visit the Pledge for Public Services website and

  • use the tool to email your local councillors asking them to sign
  • sign the petition to show the support for the campaign.


As of 18 May, 44 out of 61 councillors have signed—all from the Labour, Greens and SNP groups as well as independent councillor Ross McKenzie.

Find Lib Dem and Tory councillors and remind them to sign!

Signed – 41 of 63

  1. Ross McKenzie, Independent
  2. Scott Arthur, Labour
  3. Lezley Marion Cameron, Labour
  4. James Dalgleish, Labour
  5. Cammy Day, Labour
  6. Katrina Faccenda, Labour
  7. Margaret Graham, Labour
  8. Joan Griffiths, Labour
  9. Stephen Jenkinson, Labour
  10. Jane Meagher, Labour
  11. Tim Pogson, Labour
  12. Val Walker, Labour
  13. Mandy Watt, Labour
  14. Danny Aston, SNP
  15. Marco Biagi, SNP
  16. Kate Campbell, SNP
  17. Martha Mattos Coehlo, SNP
  18. Denis Dixon, SNP
  19. Stuart Dobbin, SNP
  20. Catherine Fullerton, SNP
  21. Neil Gardiner, SNP
  22. Fiona Glasgow, SNP
  23. Euan Hyslop, SNP
  24. David Key, SNP
  25. Simita Kumar, SNP
  26. Lesley Macinnes, SNP
  27. Finlay McFarlane, SNP
  28. Amy McNeese-Mechan, SNP
  29. Adam McVey, SNP
  30. Vicky Nicolson, SNP
  31. Norman Work, SNP
  32. Jule Bandel, Greens
  33. Chas Booth, Greens
  34. Steve Burgess, Greens
  35. Dan Heap, Greens
  36. Claire Miller, Greens
  37. Alys Mumford, Greens
  38. Kayleigh O’Neill, Greens
  39. Ben Parker, Greens
  40. Susan Rae, Greens
  41. Alex Staniforth, Greens

Not signed – 22 of 63

  1. Robert Aldridge, Lib Dems
  2. Alan Beal, Lib Dems
  3. Fiona Bennett, Lib Dems
  4. Jack Caldwell, Lib Dems
  5. Euan Davidson, Lib Dems
  6. Sanne Dijkstra-Downie, Lib Dems
  7. Pauline Flannery, Lib Dems
  8. Kevin Lang, Lib Dems
  9. Hal Osler, Lib Dems
  10. Neil Ross, Lib Dems
  11. Edward Thornley, Lib Dems
  12. Louise Young, Lib Dems
  13. Lewis Younie, Lib Dems
  14. Graeme Bruce, Conservatives
  15. Christopher Cowdy, Conservatives
  16. Phil Doggart, Conservatives
  17. Tim Jones, Conservatives
  18. Marie-Clare Munro, Conservatives
  19. Max Mitchell, Conservatives
  20. Joanna Mowat, Conservatives
  21. Jason Rust, Conservatives
  22. Iain Whyte, Conservatives.