Pay offer to be imposed—strike suspended (updated 21 November)

Pay deal to be in place from 21 December pay

COSLA Leaders met on Friday and agreed to impose the latest pay offer.

The Council have confirmed that this will be implemented and staff will receive their backpay in the 21 December pay. Read Andrew Kerr’s update, which includes the new salaries and hourly rates.

The latest offer is the same as the previous, but the uplift for some workers (GR5 to the bottom of GR11) that they were due to receive from January 2024, will now be for the full year from April 2023.

Unison have suspended all strike action while they consult their members on this offer. The Unison ballot closes on 28 November. Unison nationally are recommending their members accept the offer, but branches—such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee—are recommending reject.

Get ready for next year

We are preparing for next year now. We cannot have another pay negotiation that drags on. The unions will submit the pay claim by January and we expect COSLA to come back quickly, to give time to consult and negotiate so it could be implemented in April, when it is supposed to be.

We need our members to be ballot ready to ensure we have the strength to hold COSLA to this and so we’re ready should we receive an insulting pay offer.

Being ballot ready means that Unite’s system holds your correct:

  • home address
  • personal phone number
  • personal email address
  • job title
  • workplace.

You can update all of this yourself using MyUnite or call the office on 0131 556 9676 to check and update.

If you want to help make sure your workplace is doing its bit so we can get a real pay rise next year contact:

  • Graeme Smith, convener, 0771 948 1092,
  • Brian Robertson, secretary, 0749 359 7149,

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