Pay award agreed!

Unite, Unison and GMB have now all voted to accept the latest pay offer from COSLA.

Details of the pay award are on The Orb. Staff without IT access will get information in their pay slips and an email, if you signed up for employee comms. A summary is below.

The award in Edinburgh

See the full COSLA offer in a previous post.

For staff with a salary

  • less than £24,324 (SCP19 to 40) the award is £827
  • between £24,324 and £38,919 the award is 2%
  • between £38,919 and £77,838 the award is 1%
  • more than £77,838 the award is £770.

In addition, the uplift will be backdated to January 2021.

When it is paid?

Current employees get their back pay on 22 December 2021.

Those that left the Council on or after 1 January 202 1 get their back pay in February 2022.

Does it include overtime etc.?

Yes, the award is applied to basic pay, overtime, additional hours worked and holiday payments.

All contractual working time payments and local allowances are uplifted by 2%.

There is no agreement for first aid allowance yet.

Impact on benefits

The back pay may mean you enter a different tax band or may receive less Universal Credit.

Contact HMRC with any questions about tax.

Universal Credit

Sign in to your Universal Credit account to manage your UC.

The back pay might mean that you

  • receive less UC
  • are over the threshold to qualify and your UC stops—it’ll tell you this in your account.

UC does not start again automatically.

If your UC stops you must apply for it again.

To do this sign in to your account on the link above and click the Reclaim tab. You can also contact your Work Coach or the Job Centre.


Craft employees were moved to Local Government Employee terms and conditions in 2013, so if you’re in Craft you get this award for your base pay and local payments.

For Craft employees, the only things linked to the Craft Handbook is the two national allowances: tools and overalls. As the Craft pay award is not yet agreed, these will not be increased until it is.

Craft apprentices are on Craft terms and conditions so all their pay and allowances depends on the Craft award.

Next year—are your details correct?

It is vitally important that we have the right

  • address
  • phone number
  • email
  • workplace – this should be the physical location
  • job title

for you, so that you can have your say on pay in ballots.

You can check and update these details in MyUnite or by calling the office on 0131 556 9676.

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