Pay offer update

The three unions that form the Scottish Joint Council (SJC) for Local Government Employees, and their ballot results for pay, are

Unite’s Craft employees accepted the same deal offered to local government employees by 84%.

The Unite RISC for Local Government in Scotland meets on 22 February to decide the next steps following the rejection.

The SJC has a meeting with COSLA on 1 March to discuss moving forward.

3 thoughts on “Pay offer update”

  1. The ballot went out by email and post. We tried to get in touch with members ahead of this to make sure we had the correct details for sending the ballot. In the posts on pay in the run up to the ballot we asked members to check that their details were up to date.

    To make sure you receive any industrial action ballot or future communications, please check your details are correct by logging into MyUnite online or by contacting the Unite Edinburgh office on 0131 556 9676.

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