Pay update—no response from COSLA

Vote in the consultative ballot!

The unions rejected COSLA’s initial pay offer at the end of February and have waiting for a response since. The pay implementation date was 1 April and still no further offer has been received.

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Watch out for your ballot

Today Unite will begin balloting our members to find out

  • if you accept or reject COSLA’s offer of 2%
  • if you would take industrial action to get a better pay deal.

This is a consultative ballot and will come by email—if you have provided us one—text or post. A consultative ballot simply asks for information, the industrial action ballot comes later. Learn about ballots.

Keep an eye out for this and make sure to vote. It is essential that all of our members vote so we can get a better pay deal.

The ballot will close on 22 April.

Our letter to COSLA

The unions of the Scottish Joint Council (SJC—Unite, Unison and GMB) wrote to COSLA on 1 April.

I write further to our previous correspondence of 4th March 2022
rejecting your initial pay offer for our members.

We had hoped that COSLA Leaders might have reflected on the
strength of feeling expressed about that offer, the divisive nature of
it and the significant financial pressures our members are facing,
and come back to the negotiating table with an improvement.
It is extremely disappointing that they have chosen not to do so,
particularly since the 2022 pay uplift is due today.

The failure to put forward an acceptable offer by the pay
implementation date does a disservice to every local government
worker who has kept our country going during the period of this
pandemic. It also leaves us with no option but to consult our
members about their willingness to take industrial action to secure
an offer that recognises, respects and rewards their incredible
efforts. We will begin this consultation in the coming days.

We understand that Leaders will meet again in the 29th April and
could agree at that meeting to put forward an improved offer. Our
negotiators remain willing to make themselves available that day,
or at any time prior to it, to help facilitate a speedy resolution to
this issue.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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