Pay claim proposals—local authority newsletter

In the recent pay survey, Unite members gave the below proposals for the forthcoming pay claim.

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Unite believes that councils, elected representatives and communities can see the value of local government workers and the importance of rewarding them appropriately for their commitment before and during the pandemic.


  • 6% or £1,800 whichever is the greater
  • increase applied to all payments, allowances, and bonuses
  • all professional costs associated with the role to be met by employer
  • 2 extra days annual leave a year
  • eduction in working week with no financial or holiday detriment
  • re-open negotiations if the pay offer of another local government bargaining group—such as craft employees or teachers—is greater.

Next steps

Unite will be meeting with our sister unions to develop a joint pay claim to present to COSLA later this year.

2 thoughts on “Pay claim proposals—local authority newsletter”

  1. Morning Brian, Could you clarify what management are trying to do,regarding the Boxing Day Holiday, I am on the Tuesday to Friday shift, therefore not contracted to work Mondays.

    1. Hi John

      We have sent a letter to the chief executive and head of HR with the views of their staff around this. We’re appealling for some reward for the workers that feel they have lost a holiday, after a year of going the extra mile and working under very difficult conditions. As soon as there’s progress on this, we’ll provide an update.

      All the best,


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