Trade union special edition of the Scottish Left Review

The latest edition of the Scottish Left Review is a trade union special. In it

Steve’s article is very much in tune with the motion our branch submitted to the Unite national policy conference.

Lynn’s article speaks about the influence of the American organiser Jane McAlevey. If you would like to borrow her excellent book Raising Expectations and Raising Hell get in touch.

This issue of the SLR shows how unions are offering alternatives to austerity, responding to modern technology and Tory legislation and helping protect and empower workers throughout these challenging times.

Scottish Affairs Select Committee report on the future of work

In March, the Scottish Affairs Select Committee published The future of working practices in Scotland. This report reflects on the Taylor review on modern working practices, which covered the gig economy and precarious work, and looks at changes in the traditional workplace, and the particular impact of these developments on Scotland.

The report contains recommendations for the UK Government:

  • Extend a written statement of terms and conditions to all workers.
  • Clarify employment status in primary legislation.
  • Give workers who have been on zero hours contracts for 12 months the right to request a contract which reflects actual hours worked.
  • Consider a higher minimum wage for hours which are not guaranteed.
  • Assess the extent of unfair and illegal employment practices in Scotland.
  • Stronger penalties, including fines, for repeat or serious breaches of employment legislation, and expand “naming and shaming” to all non-accidental breaches of employment rights.
  • Work with unions to establish the extent of blacklisting and stop it.

The report was informed by evidence given by Robin McAlpine, Director of the Common Weal, and Professor Mike Danson of the Jimmy Reid Foundation.

City of Edinburgh Council budget

Thursday 22nd February 2018 will see the council set its budget once more.

Unions and those committed to Public Services will demonstrate out side the city chambers from 8.30am to 9.30am once more.

The council will set A CUTS BUDGET once more.

Read more from our comrades at Edinburgh TUC ETUC budget briefing 2018

Unite City of Edinburgh Council branch is supportive of deputations being made on behalf of the Joint Trades Unions of the City of Edinburgh Council and also the Unite Not for Profit Sector branch and Edinburgh TUC.