‘Our class and our culture’ events—Morning Star Scotland

The Morning Star is running a programme of events entitled our class and our culture featuring a range of topics and speakers from across Scotland.

All these events are organized free of charge but we ask that those attending support and read the Morning Star, the only daily paper committed to defending the trade union and labour movement.


All events take place on Tuesdays at 7pm on Zoom.

Email graeme.smith2@unitetheunion.org for an invite.

  • 6 April: Sport and the Working Class Movement by Cathy Jamieson and Stewart McGill
  • 11 May: The 1926 Miners Lockout in Fife by Cathy Cunningham and Tom Kirby
  • 1 June: The 50th Anniversary of the Industrial Relations Act and the Liaison Committee For the Defence of Trade Unions by Davie Cooper, Jackson Cullinane, George Kerr
  • 6 July: Youth and Left Wing Politics by Stuart Moir and Paul McFarlane
  • 24 August: John Kailin on Clarence Kailin and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

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