Our branch

Unite CEC Branch is branch number SC/133/86

Unite the Union is recognised by the Council for the purposes of collective bargaining for local government employees and craft operatives.

99% of our 1,500 strong membership are employed in frontline services, working on wages below the national average. We are most interested in bargaining for these relatively lowly paid frontline workers.

The branch is made up of elected officials and organising committees that support the work of the reps. Officials run the branch and, through committees, decide policy and strategy.

The City of Edinburgh Council provides meeting space in various workplaces. The branch sometimes uses facilities at the Unite Edinburgh area office at 22 York Place.

Groups in the branch

Branch committee

The branch committee is the governing body of the branch. The committee deals with

  • branch philosophy
  • branch policy
  • all matters pertaining to conditions of service.

Members can submit motions to propose matters for the branch to deal with or new policies and directions for the branch.

Get in touch if you have a motion for the committee to consider.

Finance and General Purposes committee

A sub-committee that oversees the branch’s spending and resources and feeds ideas and motions into the branch committee.

Consists of elected reps.

Branch officials are experienced stewards who understand how trade unionism works and know how to meet the challenges that dealing with a powerful employer brings. They share the values of the labour movement: decency and justice for all.

Branch officials

Craig Cummings, Convener

The convener is the leader and chief negotiator for our branch on all matters affecting the membership. The convenor chairs most meetings.

Brian Robertson, Branch Secretary and Treasurer

Deals with branch business and acts as a link with other branches and sections of UNITE. Currently our secretary acts as joint chief negotiator for the branch.

Colin Day, Craft Convener

Leader and chief negotiator for craft employees.

Graeme Smith, Vice Convener and New Technologies Rep

Acts as vice chair for meetings and negotiates on matters affecting the membership, such as policy and workplace practices.

Monitors and advises on the introduction and use of new technology and automation in the workplace and its impact on workers.

Amanda Cunningham, Union Learning Rep and Equalities Rep

As learning rep, Amanda helps you find learning opportunities and support you to learn. The learning officer negotiates learning agreements with the council, including how much paid time off is available for learning and if that learning can take place within the workplace.

Advance equalities issues in the Council and advise on branch policy.