Complete our survey: Non-essential work in local authorities

Unite is receiving numerous calls from members across local authorities who believe they have been asked to carry out non-essential work, which would flout the Government’s advice.

Carrying out non-essential work puts lives at risk—not just your own but members of your family and your co-workers.

Some employers are stating that non-essential work has now become essential, for example, potholes that were reported months ago now need to be filled. Unite asserts that if it wasn’t essential in March, then it isn’t essential in April.

We need to hear from you

Are you aware of non-essential work being carried out? Let us know by completing our survey by Tuesday 28 April.

Responses are strictly confidential—your name will not be shared with your employer or anyone else. Unite may get in touch with you for further information. We will publish our findings soon.

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