New branch website

Graeme Smith, branch webmaster and one of our Equalities Officers, asks for your views on the new branch website.

We launched the new branch website back in June. The new site aspires to be

  • accessible to everyone, regardless of disability or method of access
  • easy to navigate
  • accurate and timely in its content
  • a place for discussion with space for comments on blog posts and pages.

For any of this to work, we need to know what you expect from your branch website and whether we’re on the right track.

Tell us your views in this short survey to help us make the site you want to use. It’s ten questions and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

Keep up to date

We don’t want you to have to check in with the site every time you want to get the news from your branch, so you can subscribe the site and receive email notifications of new posts.

Enter your email to the form below to sign up.

You can unsubscribe at any time and we only use your email address for post notifications – nothing else.


If you prefer social media, then follow @unitececbranch on Twitter, as we’ll be tweeting each post too.

Get involved

At the moment, the new site – and our new approach to the web – is still finding its feet. There is work to be done. Contact me on 0771 948 1092 or at to help out with following opportunities.

Unite is a member-led union, so with this in mind I would like to put the call out to members and stewards that would be interested in contributing blog posts or articles to the site.

I am keen to make the site as usable as possible. It shouldn’t be a chore to find information online. For us to truly benefit from using the website to provide news to members or resources to reps, the site needs to be easy to use. To do this, I need to do some user testing. Right now, I need the key ingredient – users. If you have a spare hour and want to help make the branch website easy to use get in touch.


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