Street Cleansing move to Seafield Depot

Street Cleansing workers from the Cowan’s Close and Craigmillar depots are moving to the Seafield depot by the end of the month. This has been a long process, during which members have raised numerous concerns about the new facilities and the arrangements for the move.

We have had successes in addressing concerns raised in November, yet some items remain under discussion

Below, we’ll outline the issues members have raised and the progress on them If there’s something noted as resolved that you believe is not, contact a rep in Waste and Cleansing.

We will conduct regular site inspections and continue to engage with members as they settle in to the new depot.


Cleaning and filling vehicles

Members raised concerns about the lack of facilities for cleaning vehicles and filling Hakos. Unite raised this and we now have assurance that there will be:

  • 2 wash bays and an additional jet washer
  • fire hydrant points across the depot to help with filling Hakos

Hakos can also continue to tip and fill at Craigmillar.

We asked for fire hoses for washing vehicles and have been told they are not suitable for cleaning vehicles. If workers are being splashed when washing they are to request PPE.

Tacho machine in the cabin

As members requested, we raised this and it is now in place.

Work vehicle capacity and control at the depot

Members raised concerns that there was not enough space for all the work vehicles in the depot.

There have been additional parking bays created to make space for 43 trucks. We have been reassured this will accommodate all work vehicles.

New walk ways, box junctions, road markings and signage has been put in place for vehicle control.

Chemical disposal from Hakos

Standard procedures for the site remain in place and we are assured have been communicated to incoming workers.

Window in the cabin office

The cabin did not have a window in the office. This will be installed before the office is in use.

Parks and greenspaces staff

Members were concerned at overcrowding in the depot if staff from Parks and Greenspace were to move to Seafield.

This will not happen until the new building is in place—so a number of years.

Staggered lunches

Members raised concerns about overcrowding in the cabin.

If overcrowding is identified as an issue staggered lunch times can be introduced.

Workers from Cowan’s Close and Craigmillar can also use the main building for lunch, and store their lunch in the cupboards and fridge there.


There will be another induction session before starting work at Seafield. You will get details on this soon.


Members raised concerns about the number of toilets.

The number of toilets meets the legal requirements. If there is a delay or problems accessing toilets when at the depot, please raise this with your line manager and speak to a rep.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations regulation 21 is key here. The regulations state that a workplace with

  • 26 to 50 workers must have at least 3 cubicles
  • 200 workers must have at least 9 cubicles—or 7 cubicles and 2 urinals

On any given day, Seafield Depot will have around 200 workers on shift. The depot has 21 cubicles and 8 urinals in total. The new cabin contains 3 cubicles.

On-going discussions

Fire exits

The fire exit in the new cabin is the main door. The windows in the canteen pop out for an extra route. Building Standards have signed the cabin off as safe and compliant.

Members have raised concerns about the safety of this arrangement. We continue to discuss this with management and hope to give an update soon.

The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 section 13 is the relevant law here.


Members requested additional showers. We raised this however it has been turned down. The only showers provided are those in the main building.

We have asked if there is a way to make it easier for those who routinely shower. We’ll continue to discuss this with management.

Washing facilities are covered by regulation 21 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations.

Female and accessible toilet in the cabin

The ladies toilet is also the accessible toilet in the cabin. Access is controlled by a key.

While this meets requirements for building standards and legal requirement, the provision could be much better.

We will continue to discuss this equalities issue with management.

Anything else?

If there is something we have missed here, contact a rep in Waste and Cleansing to discuss.

We will provide updates on the above as the situation changes and let you know of any issues we identify on inspections.

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