Morning Star Scotland spring conference 2021

The Morning Star, the biggest and longest running socialist newspaper in the UK, has their Scottish spring conference on Sunday 28 March 2021 from 1 to 4pm online on Zoom.

The theme is economic democracy and Scotland’s crisis of development.

On the day join on Zoom — use passcode 025155.


Chair: Lynn Henderson, Scottish Secretary of PCS.

1pm: Post-COVID challenges and the labour movement

  • Roz Foyer – The role of the TU movement
  • Michel Roberts – Debt, unemployment, inflation
  • Steve Turner – The challenge of de-industrialisation
  • Lorna Slater – The challenge of climate change

2pm: Democratic intervention in the economy after Brexit?

  • Paul O’Connell – Johnson’s neo-liberal Brexit: Can the mold be broken ?
  • John McDonnell – A democratic model for economic regeneration
  • Beth Winter MP – Powers for the nations and regions

3pm: In or out the UK/EU – potential for democratic economic advance

  • George Kerevan – The independence option
  • Denise Christie – Public services and the Growth Commission Report
  • Pauline Bryan – Progressive Federalism, the Referendum and the Third

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