Manchester protest and events against austerity

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity are hosting a series of events to coincide with the Tory party conference in Manchester on Saturday 30 September 2017, including a national demonstration on 1 October. Read about the events on the People’s Assembly site.

If you are interested in going along, let us know by speaking to your rep or commenting below. Unite Scotland sent a contigent along to the recent anti-austerity demo in London, so it would be great to gauge interest in going down to the Manchester events.

The past few years alone in Edinburgh have seen thousands of public sector jobs lost, services for communities and our most vulnerable cut, wages stagnate and outsourcing and privatisation put key services into the hands of profiteering companies.

Join us in Manchester and tell the Tories ‘no more cuts, no more austerity, no more attacks on workers’ rights or standard of living’.

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