Localities review

Get support and make your voie heard as the Council reviews the localities model

The localities review started on 2 March and is set to impact over 700 staff across Communities and Families and Place. Potential outcomes include:

  • changes to jobs—from small to significant
  • job losses
  • changes to the department you are in and how you are managed.

As with all reviews it is important that you have your say. If you spot a better way of doing things, you should propose this.

Unite can support you in making your voice heard and in helping you form counter proposals to those put forward by management.

It can help to consider your concerns in the following categories:

  • service issues – those that affect service delivery
  • personal issues – that affect your own work or status as an employee
  • workforce issues – that affect particular groups of workers.

Contact us to get support and advice.

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