Living wage consolidation—local authority newsletter

Following the implementation of the 2018-21 pay deal in 2019, Unite, along with our sister unions, has been working with COSLA to develop a set of principles to ensure the full consolidation of the Scottish Government Living Wage.

These talks have been, at times, challenging, however Unite has persisted.

Priniciples for consolidation

The principles, which will be progressed by Unite, include:

  • Cognisance of equal pay and fair work principles.
  • Aim to reduce the gender pay gap.
  • Affordability but need to be underpinned by equal pay statutory obligations.
  • Need to be underpinned by a valid job evaluation scheme and pay differentials to be considered.
  • The undertaking of an equality impact assessment on consolidation and mitigate all inequalities identified
  • Consolidation should be concluded by April 2021. This can only be extended with the agreement of the local union reps.

Next steps

Unite will pursue talks with all local authorities to implement the above principles.

While we recognise that some local authorities may have implemented living wage consolidation, Unite will hold talks to ensure they have followed the agreed guidelines above.

Contact your rep if you have any questions or feedback.

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