Strike pay

Strike pay is only for workers officially on strike.

If you are an agency worker or refusing to cross a picket for other workers you cannot receive strike pay. If you face hardship as a result of not crossing a picket, please contact a branch official.

Unite pay £70 per day strike pay.

How to claim

To claim strike pay you need:

  • a completed strike pay claim form
  • two pay slips, one showing the deductions for striking.

These must all be paper copies.

On the claim form you need to give:

  • National Insurance number
  • bank account details
  • the dates you were on strike.

Picket supervisors and reps will advise on how to get a claim form.

Following any strike we will run sessions in workplaces to help members claim their strike pay.

When you will get the strike pay

Unite pay strike pay within 14 days of receiving your claim.