When others are striking

When other groups of workers are striking, whether that’s because they were balloted specifically or belong to another union, you should be aware of your rights.

Read the Council’s guide to industrial action (PDF)

Read Unite’s guide for members not involved in industrial action (PDF)

Key facts

Your manager should not ask if you are in a union or what union you are in. They have no right to know. Trade union membership is confidential. If anyone is asking about your union membership, contact the rep in your area immediately.

You cannot be disciplined if you refuse to cross a picket line.

Workers should not carry out the work of striking workers. Contact your local rep if you have concerns.

For the days you do not work due to striking or not crossing a picket you will lose

  • pay for those days
  • pension contributions.

You can buy back lost pension contributions.

Only workers that are on officially on strike are entitled to claim strike pay from their union.

You do not have to inform your manager in advance if you choose not to work on a strike day. It is helpful if you let them know on the day.