Inclusion review—make the review work for you

School support staff UNITE to improve pay, safety and career progression

What does PSA stand for? In this case, Pay, Safety and Advancement—the themes of Unite’s PSA campaign to improve conditions for all school support workers. The on-going Inclusion Review provides the opportunity to propose new

  • job descriptions—which can result in regrading
  • reporting lines
  • structures
  • working patterns.

The formal consultation looks set to launch in January.

We are working with members in scope of the review to ensure the review provides positive outcomes for workers—solutions to the issues you are experiencing, better pay, ensuring your safety at work and the opportunity to advance in your career supporting pupils in school.

Read on to find out about the opportunities to have your say and influence the review.

If you have any questions or comments about the review please submit them in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Former employees, claim your pay

Those that have left the Council that worked there between 1 April and 3 December 2023 must complete the leavers pay claim form to receive their back pay.

The deadline for doing this is 9 January so get your claim in as soon as possible to ensure you receive your pay.

Events in November

We are hosting an in-person event on 17 November to work with Unite members, and yet to be unionised workers that are in scope for the review.

At the events we will discuss what you want from the review and begin work on proposals to achieve this.

If you have any questions or access needs please contact Graeme Smith 0n 0771 948 1092 or at

Friday 17 November
2 to 4pm
Business Centre of the City Chambers on the High Street

Sign up to an event using this form:

Join the WhatsApp group chat

Stay up to date with the review and discuss issues with reps and fellow members.

Text your name and school to 0771 948 1092 to be added to the group.

Be aware that members of the group chat can see each other’s phone numbers.

Complete our job evaluation survey

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