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We are looking to understand the views of workers in Housing Property. The service has undergone significant changes in recent years, with impacts on terms and conditions and how work is organised. We want to know what you think of the arrangements and what you would like to see done better—and how it could be done better.

The survey is open to all workers in Housing Property, members and non-members.

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Current work in Housing Property


We continue to fight to bring services back in house to create more jobs in Housing Property. In our recent deputation to the Council’s budget meeting we set out our intention to focus on this fight in the coming year.

We followed this up with a deputation to the Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee on 25 March, in response to the committee’s report outlining a will to bring services in-house.

We continue to highlight that bringing services in-house

  • allows better quality control
  • ensures workers are familiar with processes and systems, so they work properly
  • benefits the local economy—as money isn’t taken by multinationals, but spent in the community
  • is more cost effective, with jobs being done right and reduced costs of admin and procurement.

Read all about our in-housing campaign.

The previous Council administration had a

  • council commitment to in-house provision
  • a Labour group motion passed

Upskilling and multi-skilling

Modernising Pay had a huge impact on the potential earnings for staff in Housing Property. Measures introduced since then, including aspects brought about with the introduction of Total Mobile, have negatively impacted productivity.

We are exploring how increasing the skillset of the workforce could help productivity and get workers the pay they deserve.

It is vital that we have the workers’ voice on this, so please complete the Housing Property survey to let us know your thoughts on learning basic skills outside your trade that would help complete jobs quicker.

Total Mobile

We continue to suggest improvements to Total Mobile.

The practice of issuing three jobs at the start of the day, then assigning the next job based on your location doesn’t work when workers have to collect materials.

Any IT system must work for those that use it, rather than constricting their work. Let us know how you would improve Total Mobile

Stock at Travis Perkins

Due to international supply chain issues, there are occasional stock shortages at Travis Perkins. We have raised this with management and are currently awaiting a process for reporting out of stock items and acquiring these elsewhere.

Future engagement

We will be calling a meeting soon for members in Housing Property to discuss these issues, and others, in detail.

4 thoughts on “Housing Property—make your voice heard”

  1. Total mobile isn’t working, suggestions were and are still being raised about the same issues encountered from day one. Why do the management continue to ignore the issues raised by the all trades about the same problems.

  2. Gas contract work is ABYSMAL to say the least.
    The same companies making the mistakes at either an install stage or maintenance (annual Gas Safety check) are then out on CES at night to repair. Install work should be brought in house to then offer a comparison to these firms Shocking display of incompetence. GASCALL, SALTIRE FM, L AND D SERVICES

  3. Follow ons must go back to tradesman who measured job originally .unless they are off sick or on holiday

  4. The pay grading doesn’t work in the way it was proposed.
    We all get the same pay as we all should have the same skill set. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
    The skill set, experience and knowledge vary massively so should be reflected in the salary paid.
    2 tiers of pay in each section.

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