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Following the Scottish Government’s guidance, schools are due to return next week. Staff and pupils—and their families and friends—will be anxious that the return has been rushed without time for all health and safety measures to be put in place.

Staff and pupils—and their friends and families—should not be put at risk by the impact of employers’ carelessness as they rush to reopen schools.

When you return

All workers need to understand

  • the new layout in the workplace to respect social distancing
  • the additional resource for cleaning
  • where hand sanitiser is, inside and outside
  • the need for PPE, including for those involved in medical interventions or escorting and driving pupils to school
  • the school’s test and protect strategy
  • the school’s child protection disclosure escalation plan if a pupil states their family are not social distancing.

If you cannot get the information above or are at all concerned contact your rep immediately.

Unite will support you

Your rights

The Employment Rights Act 1996 gives you the right to remove yourself from the risk of ‘serious or imminent danger’.

You are entitled to move to a place of safety while remaining on site. You must raise the issue with your manager immediately and then contact your rep.

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