General Secretary Ballot

Ballot papers for Unite the Union General Secretary election are arriving at members’ addresses. This election will determine the direction of our union for the coming years and also have a significant impact on the shape of our country’s economic and social recovery from the pandemic. Our branch has two key messages for members.

Firstly, that everyone use their ballot and ensure that they participate in this election. We do not know exactly what the future will hold but we do know that our union needs to be stronger, more energised and united than ever before to take on the challenges we will be met with in the coming years to ensure a recovery that re-distributes wealth and opportunity evenly and equally with significant and seriously improved climate and social justice.

Secondly, that our branch nomination for this role is Sharon Graham. The nomination was decided democratically at a hustings attended by 3 of the 4 candidates at that time: Sharon, Howard Becket and Steve Turner (Howard Becket later withdrew his candidacy and supports Steve Turner). As the branch nomination is Sharon the branch asks all its members to use their ballot to vote for Sharon and help to make her the new General Secretary of our union. Please see Sharon’s youtube video statement

If you have not received your ballot paper by 6th August 2021 please contact the ballot enquiry service by emailing or calling 0800 783 3856 from the UK (0818 333 155 from the Republic of Ireland).

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