Become a rep

You may want to become a rep if you’d like to

  • support your colleagues in the workplace
  • fight for equality for workers and marginalised group
  • learn skills and gain accreditation
  • engage in social and political issues
  • unite with like-minded people for solidarity in the workplace and community
  • help City of Edinburgh Council workers get the best terms of employment and pay.

What you need

To be a rep you need to

  • hold the values of equality and the rights of workers
  • be willing to work with reps across the Council to improve conditions
  • attend regular meetings—you’re entitled to pay time away from work for this.

What you need to do

Contact a branch official to let them know you’re interested.

To be formally elected, you must be nominated by two colleagues—one to nominate, another to second it. These are colleagues that work at the Council—it doesn’t have to be your direct work location.

Once elected, you need to complete workplace reps 1 and 2 training. This should be within the first 6 months. You are entitled to paid time off for this, as well as 2 days off to shadow a senior rep.

Training and support

Unite provides extensive—and accredited—training to ensure you are equipped with the skills needed.

As a branch, we also run monthly training sessions to make sure all reps are confident in their role. These cover a range of topics, including Council-specific matters.