Protecting the workforce—Unite face coverings

Unite: committed to the physical and mental health of workers

We are committed to ensuring that the mental and physical wellbeing of workers is a priority. Public transport and shops in Scotland now require you to wear a face coverings, so we have stepped up to provide face coverings for frontline workers in the City of Edinburgh Council.

We are commitment to doing all that we can to ensure that all working environments are safe for our members.

Craig Cummings, branch convener, talks us through the face covering debate below.

Face covering debate

Craig Cummings, branch convener

Our political leaders at Westminster have repeatedly told us from March

no evidence the general wearing of face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease… in terms of the hard evidence and what the UK Government recommends, we do not recommend face masks for general wearing by the public.

Chief Medical Officer Prof. Jonathan Van Tam

We have been following the face covering debate closely since the start of the global pandemic. It took until 21st April for the UK government scientific advisers to discuss whether face coverings for the public should be advised, despite being in lock down for nearly a month and numerous other countries around the world advising and enforcing mandatory face coverings to be worn in public places.

Scottish Government decision and our actions

The Scottish Government has now announced that “face coverings to be made mandatory on public transport from 22nd June”. We are fully supportive and indeed, we pre-empted this so made the decision to sanction the manufacture of face coverings for our members.

We have sourced a number of face coverings from a local supplier and are pleased to announce that we have now started to distribute these.

We are asking our members to do the right thing and to wear a face covering in a public place. By doing this you are reducing the risk of transmission to your fellow citizens and playing your part in eradicating COVID-19.

You could also help to keep your yourself and your colleagues safe by becoming a UNITE health and safety representative. Contact our Branch Secretary or Convener to find out more.

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