We are dedicated to equality and fighting the causes of all protected groups in the workplace and society as a whole.

There is no place for bigotry or prejudice at work and we welcome every effort in the fight to make the City of Edinburgh Council a welcoming and diverse place to work.

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Some of our current and recent work on equalities includes

  • creating a survey for Council staff on women in unions
  • working to improve how the Council puts reasonable adjustments in place for workers with disabilities
  • being the only union to consistently participate in the Council’s diversity and inclusion focus group and working to ensure the opportunities from this get out to frontline staff without access to Council IT
  • campaigning to ensure the Council’s digital products are accessible to those with disabilities.

Fancy being our branch equalities officer?

Our Equalities Officer post is currently vacant. We welcome members to come forward for this post by contacting Graeme Smith or Brian Robertson.

The work of the equalities officer is currently shared among our branch officials.

Being a union equalities officer offers an amazing chance to promote equalities and campaign on some of the most important issues of the day. Unite offers excellent equalities training and your branch has on-going training and support.

Read about what the equalities officer role entails.